The Picture in Design: What Graphic Designers, Art Directors and Illustrators Should Know About Communicating With Pictures

By Stuart Medley.

Published by The Image, a book imprint by Common Ground Publishing

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Pictures are as vital to graphic design as type, yet graphic design theories barely give them a look. The seemingly unconscious nature of the act of seeing has meant that vision and pictures have been taken for granted. Finally, here is a way for graphic designers to understand pictures. This book explains the paradox that we are able to communicate more accurately through less accurately rendered images.

There is a difference in the way pictures communicate depending on their realism quotient. The removal of realistic detail by the designer or illustrator allows for other aspects to be emphasized in or imposed upon the image; such as line, shape, colour, and orientation. These attributes in turn accentuate relationships that are less apparent in realistic images. This book explains the psychology behind why this is the case. This book will help designers, art directors and illustrators to defend their pictorial decision to clients. It will allow design teachers to explain image choice to students. The research expressed in this book can be applied across the gamut of visual design; from precise, data –based graphics and instructional design, through to expressive illustration and animation graphics.

Keywords: Pictures, Graphic Design, Images

Book: Print (Paperback). Book: Electronic (PDF File; 23.079MB). Published by The Image, a book imprint by Common Ground Publishing.

Dr. Stuart Medley

Lecturer, School of Communications & Arts, Edith Cowan University, Perth, WA, Australia

Stuart Medley’s comics have been published in Deanne Cheuk’s Mu and Neomu magazines. In addition, Medley was the editor of SiC BAG comics, now in the Michael Hill Collection at the Australian National Library. He currently lectures in graphic design in Australia and New Zealand. He has spoken at various conferences including TypoGraphic2005, Lebanon, and the NewViews2 2008 conference at the LCC in London. His writing about design has been published by the Australasian Medical Journal. Medley’s work on information design was selected as research excellence by the Australian Council of University Art and Design Schools, 2009. He is the designer for Hidden Shoal Recordings, a critically acclaimed record label with a roster of international artists. He has a Ph.D based on the paradox that less realism allows more accurate communication. His examiners included Professor George Hardie, who described the research as bringing image into the fold of graphic-design theory.